Gaming headaches are commonly caused by in-game factors like lighting, motion sensitivity, audio levels and more. The solutions to these involve taking more breaks or shorter gaming sessions. But for gamers, these hardly feel like solutions.
The good news? The majority of the features that cause headaches are also customizable.
So we partnered with cognitive scientist, Dr. Séamas Weech, and Twitch streamer, MTashed, to develop the Advil Head Settings: a series of genre-based guides for PC games to help reduce the triggers that can lead to gaming headaches. 
Digital elements: landing page, sponsored Twitch streams, display ads (Twitch, Amazon), influencer content, organic social content

Role: Digital Strategy

Creative Director: Shauna Roe
Designers: Ioana Brain, Elma Karabegovic, Hiten Patel
Senior Strategists: Pete McIntyre, James Lachno
2M+ social impressions
484K+ hero video views
35K+ livestream views
7% livestream engagement rate
9K Head Settings guide scrolls
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