The Lindt GOLD BUNNY is a classic Easter treat. We were tasked with driving buzz around the Lindt GOLD BUNNY to inspire more Canadians to make Lindt a part of their family's Easter traditions.
To entice consumers to post and share about the Lindt GOLD BUNNY on socials, we created a beautiful augmented reality experience for families with young kids to play at home or while at key landmarks in two of Canada's biggest cities: Toronto and Vancouver. 
Enter... the Lindt GOLD BUNNY AR: an augmented reality hide-and-seek game where players who catch the bunny receive the opportunity to enter a social contest, where the prize is a limited edition 1 kg chocolate bunny. 
Digital elements: landing page, social content and contest

Role: Digital Strategy

Agency: Edelman + Bandara
Creative Director: Ryley Murray
Art Director: Hira Gomes


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